Our Rafting Equipment

Top Quality and Well Maintained

We use boats made by Vanguard Inflatables and our other equipment is purchased through Clavey Paddle Sports, a small, family-owned business based out of Petaluma, California. By purchasing from Clavey, we are ensured the highest quality products that keep both our staff and customers happy, comfortable, and safe. We take good care of our equipment and replace our gear annually.

Lifejackets and Helmets

The two items we require to be worn on all of our rafting trips are lifejackets and helmets. The lifejackets we provide are Type V Extrasport jackets and they are the best lifejackets ever made for commercial use. The helmets we provide are comfortable and adjustable to fit properly, however they are not required for the entire trip. Lifejackets and helmets are washed thoroughly after each and every use.

Stay Warm

Splash jackets, wetsuits, and booties (river shoes) are provided free of charge. These items are typically not needed during the warm summer months, but can really make a difference in your comfort level if the weather is cooler than usual.

Our Rafts – Vanguard Inflatables

Our rafts are made by Vanguard Inflatables, a highly durable commercial grade raft manufacturer. All of our rafts are equipped with grab handles, foot cups, and throw bags. The types of boats we run are either straight paddle rafts or stern assisted paddle rafts.

Safety Equipment

Each trip floats with a comprehensive first-aid kit and emergency cell phone. On Upper Klamath trips, we carry a SPOT GPS and communicator.

Endorsed by Thousands

Why Indigo Creek?

At Indigo Creek Outfitters we take pride in the quality of trips that we run. We are lucky to work in a fun and exciting industry, but we are most fortunate to have the best customers on Earth who make the work we do a true pleasure. Here are a few great reasons to choose Indigo Creek Outfitters for your rafting trip.

  • Happy and friendly guides
  • Smart logistics
  • Free parking
  • Incredible testimonials
  • No extra charges
  • “Local’s Choice”

Our Rafting Center

All of our day rafting trips meet at our rafting center, located a couple blocks from downtown Ashland, Oregon.

Indigo Creek Outfitters
130 A Street #2B
Ashland, Oregon 97520