Our Rafting Center


Our Rafting Center

Our Rafting Center serves two purposes: it is a retail store for handy river items like Chums and sunblock and it is our meeting location for trips.

When meeting for a trip we will check everyone in, give a short introduction talk, and fit everyone with lifejackets. Our changing rooms are also available if you need to change into a wetsuit or any other clothes you’ve brought with you.

Items that you cannot afford to lose should not accompany you on the river. Your grandmother’s wedding ring, for instance, would be a bad thing to bring with you on your rafting trip. We have a storage box for items like your keys, but please leave all other valuables at home. We have space to lock-up your wallet and/or purse inside our Rafting Center as well.

Upon returning from your rafting trip, you will be happy to see photos of your raft running Nugget and Powerhouse Rapids. We play the photos as a slideshow on our big screen T.V. They are available to purchase on location.