Guest Testimonials

Sources: Google+, Trip Advisor, Facebook, and Yelp.

“Visited Indigo creek this summer on a whim with the little lady. We were on a long weekend trip to ashland and enjoying the quant little town when we happened across Indigo Creek Outfitters and decided to head out the next day. I’ve been rafting in Southern CA and in the Bay Area and the guys at Indigo gave me my best experience yet. Safe, smart, and entertaining we had a great day on the water and my girl had such a good time she wants to head out on an extended rafting trip next summer. SCORE! Thanks Indigo. :-)”
-Chuck M. on Google+, September of 2013

“The 3-Day Pints In Paradise trip on the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River this past weekend (September 20-22) was amazing! This Craft Beer focused excursion featured lots of amazing craft beer from the Rogue Valley and tons of delicious food!! The guides were fantastic and despite encountering some rain – we were made to feel right at home on the river. Warm, Dry, and full of delicious beer and food. Simply awesome!!”
-Nick E on Trip Advisor, September of 2013

“My girlfriend and I did the full day Upper Klamath trip, which was a blast. We had a group of 5 on the trip, not including the leader Will. The river had lots of great rapids but also plenty of nice relaxing stretches to take in the scenery. Also, the stop for lunch blew away my expectations. A great salad and sandwich spread was prepared with really high quality deli meats. So happy we did this trip. ”
-Harry S on Trip Advisor, September of 2013

“My girlfriend and I did the full day Upper Klamath trip, which was a blast. We had a group of 5 on the trip, not including the leader Will. The river had lots of great rapids but also plenty of nice relaxing stretches to take in the scenery. Also, the stop for lunch blew away my expectations. A great salad and sandwich spread was prepared with really high quality deli meats. So happy we did this trip. ”
-Harry S on Trip Advisor, September of 2013

“This last month I took my niece on a half day trip on the Rogue that had just the right blend of scenery, excitement and history. Our guides were excellent, our raft was new and well made, good quality life jackets, easy parking and clean facilities. The guides were skilled and attentive. An excellent experience, highly recommended.”
-Steviejoan on Trip Advisor, September of 2013

“First time on the upper Klamath and it did not disappoint! A great run, as guided by Will Volpert, part Zen Master, part Will Rogers reincarnate. Thanks Will, looking forward to the Illinois !!”
-andy b on Trip Advisor, September of 2013

“This was our first whitewater trip and not the last! Thanks for a great day! As a senior citizen, I was glad Glen our guide was there to help me get back in the boat after I jumped in! I am upping my pushups! My hubby had a great time too. It was really nice to hear about beautiful Oregon from the local guides in the van; i.e. we didn’t know Harry and David actually hire people to hand warm the pears in their orchards in the cold weather. People in Oregon are so very nice and down to earth.”
-Jennifer T on Trip Advisor, August of 2013

“When we set off after all our important instructions I thought this was too tame! However, we had great fun on the rapids and enjoyed the wit and competence of our guide, Glen. A very memorable adventure!”
-Christine S on Trip Advisor, August of 2013

“Our day with Will, Glenn and TJ was a highlight of our two week family adventure. It wasn’t just the white water ride itself that was a blast; but the Indigo team was fun to share the experience with – they made it a hoot with their witty tour guide style, clear instructions and cool approach to what was a LOT of white water (in our opinion). As a family, we look forward to being able to go on another adventure with this crew.”
-RSAUL on Trip Advisor, August of 2013

“They were excellent. Had a great time with a group spanning ages 5 to 75. They take great photos you can buy afterwards as well. Highlight of our trip to Ashland.
We were only disappointed by the noisy dredging machines were all over the river, which were disgusting. We hope Oregonians ban them in the near future so that the river can be more of a wilderness experience for all.”
-alexanderjoseph on Trip Advisor, August of 2013

“I highly recommend Indigo Creek Outfitters if your planning on taking a river trip we floated the Upper Klamath river and has a great day of fun all of the crew had high experience and was a lot of fun to be with!”
-oldenchild on Trip Advisor, August of 2013

“We we decided to take our 13 year old son to Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival, I wanted to plan someting he would enjoy, so I booked a 1/2 day rafting trip with Indigo Creek Outfitters. Not only did my son have the time of his life, so did my husband and I. Will is an experienced and fun guide, and our Photographer, Glen, couldn’t have been nicer. We had a great time, and will definitely do this again the next time we are in southern Oregon.”
-carla g on Trip Advisor, August of 2013

“Great small professional company. Will and Emily were wonderful. They were friendly, fun and knowledgeable. My 9 year old son and I went on a half day Rogue river trip. It was the highlight of our Ahsland trip. Haelthy refreashing snacks afterwards were a nice surprise too!”
-Lydia2222 on Trip Advisor, August of 2013

“My grandmother and I went rafting with Indigo Creek Outfitters on an extremely hot day, but the Rogue kept us cool and refreshed. The sights were beautiful and the rapids were exciting. Our guide, Glen, was extremely professional, funny, and informational. T.J. took pictures for my grandmother and I along the way. They came out perfect. Overall, I would say this is a great company to go through for rafting on the Rogue, and you won’t be disappointed.”
-Sierra_lynnx on Trip Advisor, July of 2013

“My 21 year old daughter and I had an awesome morning rafting trip on the beautiful Rogue River provided by Indigo Creek Outfitters. Our guide T.J. was friendly, patient and experienced and provided a delightful half day excursion. Although we had no experience we had a blast navigating Class III and IV rapids under our guide’s able direction. The half day trip begins at 8:15 and ends around noon. The staff is very safety conscious and gave clear, easy to follow instructions. Also of note is the spacious and clean changing room back at the office. We definitely plan to do this again and want to look into the full day trip on the Klamath River.”
-NewtoItalyKate on Trip Advisor, July of 2013

“We (a mom and young daughter) are fit, but not super fit; brave but not crazed; strong but not super mighty. Our maiden voyage on the raging Rogue was exciting without being too much. WIth knowledgeable and competent guides, we took away great photos to boot.”
-HBradHuang on Trip Advisor, July of 2013

“My 10 year old daughter, wife, father, and I had a wonderful afternoon rafting down the Rogue River with Will, our guide, and Emily, taking pictures. We headed out of Ashland around 1:15, and returned around 5pm. The water was very refreshing; a great way to beat the heat. Will was a fantastic guide; going through all the safety checks, explaining what we would find on the river, knowledgeable about the geography and animals, and funny to boot! Nugget and Powerhouse rapids were the highlights of our float. We’d definitely return for a full day or mulit-day trip next time.”
-Njcohen on Trip Advisor, July of 2013

“We were two families vacationing in ashland for 3 days. We wanted to interject some adventure and outdoor activity into our trip. Based on Internet surfing, we selected Indigo and what a great choice that was! Our guides were super professional and clearly very experienced with this river. This was our first time river rafting so the 1/2 day Rogue river trip was perfect for our kids ranging from 9 to 16. Would like to do the Upper Klamath full day trip next time. Thanks for a great and memorable experience!”
-Katia traveler K on Trip Advisor, July of 2013

“We had family (all adults) in town with one who had never been rafting before. We decided to go big and booked the full day Upper Klamath trip with Indigo Creek Outfitters. Great choice! They had a nice breakfast of bagels and fruit awaiting us at their facilities (complete with large bathroom and a place to store our gear while we were gone for the day) as well as a thorough run through of the days events. The shuttle and loading went smoothly with Will, Glen and TJ letting us chill while they did all the heavy lifting. Lunch was wonderful (root beer floats!) and Will and Glen did a great job guiding the rafts. We got a nice history of each area we passed through and a description of the rapids ahead. They really made it an adventure! You can tell when people love what they do…and these guys truly love their jobs!”
-KyJ00 on Trip Advisor, July of 2013

“We were up in Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival and looking for things to do during the day. Rafting the Rogue River for an afternoon seemed like a great idea. My wife is a bit timid about these things so she insisted on an oars boat so that she didn’t have to paddle. I’ve done a lot of whitewater in California and I wanted to paddle. The guys at Indigo Creek were wonderfully accommodating, setting the raft up for oars but handing me a paddle too. We were their only customers that afternoon so we had a great time with our guide. My wife loved it so much that she wants to go back for a 3-day tour on the Rogue, though we have not had a chance to do it yet. I recommended Indigo Creek to my cousin in San Francisco when she was visiting Ashland and she loved it too. These are a great bunch of rafters and I can’t wait to go back!”
-Paul9876 on Trip Advisor, July of 2013

“My group of 12 (3 families with 2 kids each) had a fantastic time on our half day trip. Booking the experience over the phone was clear and easy. All questions were answered. Our instructions for what to expect and safety directions were delivered clearly, making everyone at ease. Thank you for a fantastic adventure. Perhaps next visit we will explore your brewery tour. We’ve read great things about them.”
-skspitz on Trip Advisor, July of 2013

“Great trip. Did the half-day on the Rogue. Glen and Tory were well-prepared and efficient. Instruction was great and we all had a lot of fun. Thanks to you both!”
-Kirsten Z., July of 2013

“Great rafting trip, great water and fabulous river guides. Will, Chase and TJ were excellent. Will do more with them in the future. Go Rafting!!!”
-Gill A., July of 2013

“My sister and I visited Ashland and rafted with Indigo Creek twice. On our way into Ashland, we spent a full day rafting the Upper Klamath. We enjoyed it so much, we did a half day on the Rogue before we left (and made it back to San Francisco the same evening). Will, Glen, and TJ all added to our experience in so many ways. They are knowledgeable and confidence inspiring, as well as just fun people. Each one has great stories and information to share along the river. Personally, I enjoyed the Upper Klamath. The rapids are longer, and there are more of them. However if you are short on time or a first timer, the half day on the Rogue is wonderful as well. I really recommend the CD. Its professional quality and the pictures are awesome memories.”
-TommyD531 on Trip Advisor, June of 2013

“It was a lot of fun for everyone, especially for both, my 9 year old son Josh and my 88 year old dad. Thanks!”
-Daniel R., June of 2013

“We had fabulous half day adventure on the Rogue River with Indigo. Lot’s of thrills but also felt safe at all times. Will runs a great operation and made sure we had everything needed for the trip. Glen was our excellent guide.”
-Taylor D., June of 2013

“Our half-day whitewater rafting trip on the Rogue River was a great experience, thanks to Will, Glen & Tory at Indigo Creek Outfitters. My husband had done some whitewater rafting, but this was my first time. The guys at Indigo Creek were helpful, knowledgable, and lots of fun. Will got us all set up and ready to go. Glen and Tory made sure we had all the necessary equipment and knew how to use it. Glen was a great guide. His knowledge of rafting and the river and his experience eased my fears and allowed me to really enjoy the ride! (I only screamed on the first rapid!) The pictures Tory takes are amazing so, if you go, be sure to buy the CD. This is a trip you’ll want to remember. There was no downside, except maybe that it ended too soon! It was a wonderful half day of fun and excitment on the beautiful Rogue River with some very nice people. If you’re in the Ashland area, don’t miss out on the fun! ”
-Norm W. on Trip Advisor, June of 2013

“I’m so happy to give a glowing review of our experience with Indigo Creek. It was the first river rafting trip for my family, we were a little nervous not knowing what to expect – we couldn’t have been in more professional hands. Once we quickly learned the steps the guides take to ensure safety and responsibility we were at ease to enjoy one of the best Father’s Day ever! The river was perfect for us; we had the right amount of thrill and still could enjoy the beautiful view of the Rogue. Thank you for such a great trip.”
-Lorie N., June of 2013

“Indigo Creek Outfitters runs trips of the highest quality. Their enthusiasm for making the customer experience comfortable and exciting is apparent. The crew has the highest regard for customer safety. I would float any river with Indigo Creek.”
-Brian C., June of 2013

“1st time on that part of the Rogue -just beautiful! Our guide was excellent.”
-Betty S., June of 2013

“Great outfitter with very professional guides. We rafted the Klamath River, which is a full day of fun and fairly intense whitewater with a couple of stretches of class IV rapids. Some parts seemed a little scary but our guide was excellent and made me feel comfortable the whole time. The trip also included breakfast and lunch, which was really nice to not have to worry about. Breakfast was a fairly simple with some pastries and bagels with toppings. I had a bagel and lox, which was a perfect start for me. Lunch was sandwiches with a huge variety of meats, cheeses, veggies, and condiments to load them up with. All in all, we had a great time and I would highly recommend Indigo Creek. They’re a really nice, welcoming, and professional bunch.”
-Drew B., June of 2013

“We had a wonderful white water trip on the Rogue with Indigo. Will runs a great operation, and has great knowledge of outdoors activities in the area. He made sure we had everything we need to enjoy a great day. Glen took us on our exciting half day trip. We had lots of thrills, but always felt we were in safe hands.”
-Taylor D., June of 2013

“We had an awesome time on the Rogue River with Will and crew today! Super time learning about this beautiful section of the river, floating through breathtaking calm sections with bald eagles soaring overhead and deer grazing along the shores, to scintillating rapids that get your heart pumping and your yee-hah whooping! This 1/2-day river trip is an awesome way to experience the beauty of Ashland up close and personal if you have just a few hours. I have rafted many rivers in the western U.S., and Indigo Creek Outfitters is at the top of my river outfitter list.”
-Sue C., June of 2013

“Proprietor Will and guides Glenn & Rob showed us a great time with our half-day trip on the Rogue River. They provide transport from a convenient location with plenty of parking in Ashland, and Will takes fabulous pictures which he offers to guests on CD. I took my parents (in their late 60’s) and ten-year-old son, and a great time was had by all. The rapids are only a small part of the trip, enough to be thrilling without being scary. The trip was scenic, with good bird watching. Highly recommended!!”
-MyShyDi on Trip Advisor, August of 2012

“Brandon did a very good job explaining to our mixed group of some experience to complete novice rafters what things are, what we were going to do, where, and when. The trip was very pleasant, even for one person who had some serious rafting fears. We were on the Rogue for a half day trip with two class 4 rapids (Nugget and Powerhouse). Perfect for our group of 6 moderately athletic men and women. We had time to chat and look at the scenery and still have some excitement, too. Good trip. I’d go with Indigo Outfitters again…maybe even a three or more day trip!”
-cdream on Trip Advisor, August of 2012

“Will and Brandon made rafting the Rogue River really fun. I didn’t think it was possible to have a whitewater experience on the Rogue if you only had a half day. Will has found a great stretch of river to take beginning rafters out for some white water play. Brandon guided us through Class IV rapids perfectly, making it fun, safe and exciting. From the first contact to the good bye, this was a totally great experience. Thanks, guys!”
-Katherine M., August of 2012

“Just finished an awesome rafting trip on the Rogue River thru Indigo Creek Outfitters. Will and Glen are great guides- very professional, very safe and fun! Our 2 boys (6 & 10 years old) had a blast. Highly recommend! Oh, and you’ve gotta meet Groover- the coolest yellow lab on the planet!”
-Steamer737 on Trip Advisor, August of 2012

“It was the best thing ever, according to my nine and 12-year-old daughters. it was really good for families-you start out slow and then get to some really amazing rapids. Challenging and exciting, and felt totally cared for and safe for kids. Our guides were great. They were a perfect mix of fun and knowledge.”
-Braytos on Trip Advisor, August of 2012

“Such a wonderful afternoon with these guys! They were calm, yet clearly experienced. Very friendly. Our kids (ages 10, 12, and 16) had a wonderful time, and before the trip even ended were asking to go again another day. Not only did we have the thrill of the rapids, but also (during the non-rapid parts) a lot of information was shared with us about the environment, wildlife, particular houses, and history. Oh, and snacks along the way! This is definitely something that we will do again!”
-Mary S. on Trip Advisor, August of 2012

“Had a great time on the Rogue River on July 6th. Brendan took great care of me and my friend. It was a small group (just the 3 of us) but we had a ton of fun and even got to “surf” a class 3 rapid. Indigo provides all the equipment you need (even booties and wet suit if you need it) and items are clean and of good quality. Guides are nice and experienced. There was even a cute dog at the shop to greet us.”
-Johanna P., July of 2012

“My son and I joined Indigo Creek for a break while attending the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and picked their half day morning tour to fit our play going schedule. We had a great time. The two class IVs were more than anything my son had experienced before, but Will told us just what to expect and guided the raft perfectly. We would highly recommend Indigo Creek to anyone looking to add a bit of wet adventure to their Ashland stay.”
-Michael H., July of 2012

“We had a great time with the Indigo Creek crew they were a lot of fun to be with. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that asked! I am looking forward to joining them for another trip in the future! ”
-Jon M., July of 2012

“Thank you so much for giving us this great experience. We had a blast. that yo also took along our smallest one was great, he had a thrill, as we all did. We certainly recommend to everyone who reads this. This is written by a family from Norway!”
-Sissel M., July of 2012

“We spent the afternoon of the 4th of July on the Rogue River with Will and his crew. Will is exceptionally organized and professional; he thinks of everything. Start your experience by meeting at the Indigo Creek Outfitters office where you are fitted with a life vest and helmet and given an overview of what to expect and a safety talk. Leave everything behind, you won’t need a thing. A short 30-minute drive in the Indigo van and then put in to the water near Gold Hill. Once you’re in the raft you’ll receive clear and easy to follow instructions and time to practice as you slowly start down the river. Time to relax, take in the stunning views, bald eagles, osprey and geese. With just about 2 1/2 hours on the water and 5.5 miles, it is an experience of a lifetime with rapids ranging from 1 to 4.5 and calm waters in between. All the while Will (and his crew) will answer any questions you can ask as they have a wealth of knowledge. Before taking on the Nugget run, Will will steer your boat to the shore and you can take a short walk to a point where you can see the rapids. It’s a fun thing to do because once you’re back in the raft and running the rapids, it all happens so quickly it’s nice to know what you just did! As you make your way down the river, another crew member leads/follows in a separate raft and photographs the highlights of your trip. The CDs are for sale upon return to the office and they are well-worth the purchase, great color, great shots! My family enjoyed an amazing afternoon and we made a lifetime memory. Thank you Will (and crew) for the best afternoon on the water! ”
-Abigail M., July of 2012

“Will is great and our trip was great. Me and my two girls (11 & 13) had a great time and look forward to more river rafting next year up here. Thanks Will.”
-Trevor P., July of 2012

“Highly recommend Indigo Creek Outfitters for your rafting trip. It is a good one to start kids out on. Starts with Class 1 where you get all the instructions you need for a fun safe trip. Safety equipment was mandatory to wear. My niece (12) & nephew (15) had the best experience and I was happy for the proper education they receive to make the outing fun and safe. Will is a well organize guide. From booking the reservation to the end of the rafting trip was well done. Looking for a rafting trip close to Ashland, look no further. Indigo Creek Outfitters, the BEST.”
-Maggie V., July of 2012

“Will grew up in the business, and knew how to make a perfect, safe, fun water experience for families and singles of every age and level of experience. My husband and I are 80 and 74, no rafting experience, and we loved it! Also on our trip but in a separate raft, four young adults, far more adventurous, and they had a great trip too. Indigo guides make the difference. ”
-Marcia E., June of 2012

“We had a great time with ya’ll today!!”
-Stuart E., May of 2012

“The whitewater experience at Indigo Creek was excellent. The guides are really competent and knowledgeable. The river is a great river for beginners and experts alike. The course starts with a class 1 rapid and then progresses to a class 2, to a class 3, and finishes with a class 4. It’s as exciting as it is secure. Not only are the rapids excellent but in-between each whitewater thrill the guides can tell you everything you want to know about the valley and wildlife. Snacks, pictures, and free to use wetsuits make this a great time when you’re in Ashland.”
-Chris S., May of 2012

“Great attitudes and fun trip! Thanks for an amazing day!”
-Misty M., May of 2012

“We had a great time rafting down the Rogue River on a half-day trip yesterday. Will was a great cheerleader for the six clueless river rafting newbies he had to take down river. We made it safely through the rapids and had a lot of fun doing it. We all had a blast.”
-David G., September of 2011

“Will, the owner, took us out for a personal tour on a half day trip complete with a separate picture boat for the same cost as everyone else. These guys are the only one’s who are allowed to take pictures on the river and they come out awesome. My fiancee had never been rafting and after just an hour on the river was hooked. We went rapid surfing and enjoyed an exciting, but manageable set of rapids. If you are looking for a great way to spend a half day, you should check these guys out.”
-Davis H., September of 2011

“We had a great time on our half day rafting trip. The river was beautiful and the guides were down to earth and full of knowledge. Most importantly, I felt very safe, even in the IV rapids! Thank you Will, Willie and Rob for the amazing trip and the AWESOME photo CD. I would definitely recommend Indigo Creek Outfitters to all of my friends and family!! ”
-Dawn S., August of 2011

“My friend and I had an awesome trip down the Rogue River with Will, had loads of fun, learned lots and would definitely recommend Indigo Creek to anyone… great experience!!”
-Zoe S., August of 2011

“White water rafting down the river sounds fun right? Well it is. And if you have never done it before (even if you have) than you should plan a trip just as soon as you can. My recommendation is to go through Indigo Creek Outfitters. Will who was our guide for the day has been rafting for 15 years now and shared his insights of the river, the area and his fondness for rafting. His passion showed… through with every story he shared. I did not realize till we where already well into the trip that Will is also the owner of the company. This man is very dedicated and takes a full hands on approach to the whole business. It is quite evident that he loves what he is doing and will be doing it for many years to come. Indigo Creek Outfitters even make sure to have plenty of water & snacks available.They also take a great round of photos for you to remember the day with. We had a blast, everyone laughed, and we are now anxious to pursue future rafting adventures !! I can’t imagine why anyone would not be satisfied taking a rafting trip with Indigo Creek Outfitters as their hosts. You will feel like your in the raft with a good friend !!”
-Tara G., August of 2011

“We had an outstanding and memorable experience. We are from New York and were delighted to spend the morning running Class 2 and Class 3 rapids. We had a variety of ages ranging from an 8 year old to an 84 year old and everyone was thrilled beyond belief. The guides were funny, engaging and professional. And, we felt entirely safe. We all loved the snacks that were provided & my heart warmed when our guide engaged my 11 year old daughter w/ a song & dance so she would warm up after our plunge down the rapid. Don’t miss this opportunity… it is priceless.”
-StephanieL947 on Trip Advisor, August of 2011

“The best afternoon ever!!!! Thank you for a FANTASTIC time!! I can’t wait to go again… and again… and again…. and again!!”
-Tara G., August of 2011

“Will and his crew were great. Something for everyone, a little history, rowing and safety lessions, bird watching, surfing back up rapids, shooting some class fours and getting to know old and new friends better. And all of this in one afternoon. A good time, a great value.”
-MLBris on Trip Advisor, August of 2011

“This was my first time water rafting and I had the best experience. I would definitely do it again at Indigo Creek because of the treatment I received by Will and Rob and of course my overall experience was fantastic! Will is an expert and informative about what to expect on the river. The service provided was excellent!! Thank you Will!!!”
-Cindy S., August of 2011

“Wow! Brandon: it was awesome doing this stretch of the rogue with a confident guide. Will: Thanks so much for making such a great experience possible! Your biz is awesome and I’ll be sending some friends your way for a good time.”
-Crystal M., August of 2011

“My Dad & I had a great time with Brandon ***** Will, wonderful pics too! Will do this again, with Indigo! : D”
-Nancy L., August of 2011

“My family had an amazing experience with Will and Indigo Creek…Highly recommend them and their experienced staff to guide you through the rapids! Great fun for the whole family…”
-Josh H., August of 2011

“A group of 5 of us went to visit Will and Indigo Creek this past weekend, and we had an absolute blast! Will was a fantastic guide and taught us about the river as well as keeping us safe and laughing. I would highly recommend anyone interested in going rafting to go to Indigo first.”
-D.J. P., August of 2011

“Our entire office went on a rafting trip on the Rogue River with Indigo Creek. We had numerous people who had never rafted before, including a 72 year old and an 11 year old. The young, high energy crew at Indigo Creek was great at making sure everyone was comfortable and had a good time. We had a perfect day and a perfect trip. Even though this is a new company the guides were experienced with excellent skills. They also offer pictures of the trip. We could not believe how many pictures they took and how high the quality was. We had rafted before with Noah’s, this trip was better and more personalized.”
-Melinda D., August of 2011

“‎16 of us from Portland had a great time on a half day trip on the Rogue with Indigo Creek. Thanks for taking such good care of us and especially for the top notch rafting experience!”
-Libby L., August of 2011

“Just got home from a great day on the river with ICO, and couldn’t be more happy with our choice of outfitters. The team was professional and prompt. Put in/take out was a breeze and our guide made sure we were comfortable and ready for any thing the river threw our way which made the day that much more enjoyable. The day, water, and scenery were perfect. Overall, great experience and great people! I’ll be back next year!”
-Nicole W., August of 2011

“Sixteen people from our office of all ages and comfort levels with being on the river, had a great and very memorable experience on our half day trip. During August when it can get hot, I recommend the morning trip. All of the guides are excellent and well qualified. The two big rapids were the highlight of the trip. Will, one of the owners of the company is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The equipment is new and the life vests do not have that musty smell. The photos they took were amazing. Lots of action shots. I am not sure if the other companies offer this. ”
-libbylulu on Trip Advisor, August of 2011

“Thank you for an amazing trip. We had the time of our life. Willie, you are a fantastic guide and made our trip memorable.”
-Ninette R., August of 2011

“Indigo Creek Outfitters are the best. Will and Brandon provided an experience that was friendly, informative and most of all FUN. This is not a get-em-in, get-em-out organization. They truly teach you about rafting on the Rogue and make it fun. It’s like you have your own personal guide who wants to share knowledge and create a wonderful rafting experience. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon the the Rogue! I have recommended you to all my friends.”
-John P., August of 2011

“We came down to Ashland from Portland for the theater, but boy are we glad we fit in the afternoon rafting trip with Indigo Creek as well. Highly recommend this group as they are very knowledgeable, prepared, and fun! Thanks to Brandon, Will and Dana for a great time.”
-Lisa M., July of 2011

“The highlight of our southern Oregon trip! My family drove up from the SF Bay Area to Medford Oregon and wanted to experience true white water rafting (as well as see Shakespeare plays, see crater lake, go zip lining, etc). There are many companies that offer class 2 and class 3 rafting, but I really wanted our family to try class 3 and class 4 rapids, so I was recommended to contact Will at Indigo Creek outfitters. My wife was concerned about going down class 3 and 4 rapids being novices to rafting, but after meeting Will and learning that he has been rafting his entire life she was quickly relaxed and we all (a 12 year old son, 15 year old daughter, my wife and I) had a fantastic time. Will was extremely friendly and taught us as much as we wanted to know about rafting, and was extremely professional. He gauged our abilities (we wer all novices but all very healthy) and we were able to surf rapids (where you find a water drop off where the boat can flow into and be suspended there while the other water is rushing by – really awesome!) and go down 6-12 foot class 4 rapids. It was only 30 minutes from Medford and the 1/2 day trip was perfect. Thanks again Will!”
-Nick E., July of 2011

“I’m hooked!! My partner and I rafted for the first time last Thursday, and it was the highlight of our trip (no small claim, after seeing 3 of OSF’s most popular plays this season). Will and his team were not only professional, friendly and competent, they obviously really love what they do, and sharing that with others. Five stars!”
-Tati A., July of 2011

“Had a great afternoon on the Rogue with the whole family, including my kids (9 & 15) who were rafting for the first time. Kids said it was better than Disney Land. Thanks Will, Carol & Rob…. we’ll be back again soon! And for all those who are “thinking about it” — GO!”
-Anne A., July of 2011

“Will runs a very professional, safe and friendly operation. My wife and 7-year-old son did an afternoon rafting trip with him and his staff last week and had an amazing time. I knew we were in good hands, and they went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. That trip was the highlight of our vacation, and I would absolutely recommend Indigo Creek Outfitters to anyone wanting a fun, worry-free rafting experience in the Ashland/Medford area!”
-Eddie A., July of 2011

“Folks at Indigo Creek are just chill and helpful and earnest. They know their business and we had a fantastic time navigating the nearby Rogue river. Will (the owner) and his team are top-notch and friendly. Would go back again, for sure, and would recommend to any friend or family member.”
-easygotraveller on Trip Advisor, July of 2011

“I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants a short rafting trip. We met at the shop at 1, got back around 5:30ish. We had a great time on the river, flat calm stretches with a couple of bigger rapids, and some fun in between. Our Guide (Glen) was terrific. He encouraged team work, entertained us with jokes and stories, got us wet!!!! and managed to stay pretty dry himself. Indigo Creek Outfitters provided a great rafting experience. I would go again!”
-ps42esp on Trip Advisor, July of 2011

“I want to personally thank you for our rafting trip. Everyone had a BLAST!!! It was a fun afternoon and we look forward to more rafting trips with you in future.”
-Anirudh G., July of 2011

“We had a fun day on the river with Indigo (In-Ya-go hahahah). This is a nice trip for beginners or out-of-shapers, since it is fairly short and not very demanding. Of course, as the river gets lower, that may change. Fun trip, great guides, nice day. Thumbs up all the way!”
-Cindy C., July of 2011

“I was very impressed with Will and his whole team at Indigo. Thanks and I will definitely be back!”
-Tim H., July of 2011

“We had a blast! It was one of the highlights of our trip.”
-Mike K., July of 2011

“Had a great time with Will and the gang. Very personable young guides with great knowledge of rafting, equipment, fun and safety. We enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks so much!”
-Nik L., July of 2011

“Thanks so much for sending over the picture shots… we all had such a great day with you all out on the river, some great memories came out of it. Hope to see everyone one again, what a great group you all are!”
-Kymm F., July of 2011

“Posted pics yesterday! We had a BLAST! The word is out!”
-Pattie W., July of 2011

“Great trip Will! Thanks for being so flexible with us on the planning. The small personal trip was just what our group was looking for. Lots of fun wave surfing and getting into the big rapids safely. I’m glad we didn’t try to raft it ourselves!”
-Shawn H., July of 2011

“Will is an excellent guide who gets everyone involved. Totally friendly totally fun, these guys know how to surf .. Thanks Will and Dana, we will see you again!!”
-Eric W., June of 2011

“What an awesome day on the river! The weather was wonderful, the rapids were super fun, Eric was a blast to watch riding the bull!!! Never thought I would surf on the Rogue River, but thank to out amazing guide Will!! We had the perfect trip! I recommend the CD it was Superb! Thanks Dana great job!! awesome team!! I too will recommend your adventure to all!”
-Diane M., June of 2011

“I had an amazing time rafting down the Rogue River! I was traveling alone and Will made sure I had a raft full of nice people and great time! I highly recommend the Indigo Creek Outfitters and look forward to future trips with them! Thanks again for such a wonderful time!”
-Megan J., June of 2011

“Last week my husband and I spent an afternoon rafting on the Rogue with Indigo Creek Outfitters. Will showed us a good time and Jim (the photographer) took awesome photos of our trip. We’ll be back!”
-Maureen J., June of 2011

“I had such an amazing day on the Rogue with you guys today! Thank you!”
-Anna K., June of 2011

“We had a super afternoon running the Rogue River with Will and James. My wife doesn’t like to paddle so Will accommodated us with a raft with oars, but let me do some paddling too. Afterwards, my wife liked it so much that she wanted to do a multi-day paddle trip next year! It was that good!”
-Paul W., June of 2011

“What a wonderful trip we had with you! Our 13 year old daughter can’t wait to do more rafting — loves those rapids! Gorgeous day, beautiful river, terrific folks to spend time with! Will highly recommend you. Have an awesome season. . . .”
-Ellen M., June of 2011

“Great float on the Rogue on Thursday! Perfect weather, great guides and beautiful scenery. Thanks for a great afternoon!”
-Mason M., June of 2011

“Wow! What a great time! Rafting with Will and the crew was so fun! Can’t wait to go again.”
-Deja W., June of 2011

“Will, Thank you and your guide(Carol) for the great trip down the river. Normally we see most commercial outfits making it a paddle-fest. We all had great relaxing trip with lots of fun. Thanks for the great pictures at the Nugget. By the way, ran upper Colorado from the bottom of gore canyon to Rancho del Rio at 9200 CFS. 2 HUGE holes the size of a truck(needles eye) and a bus(Yarmony). I will be recommending your outfit to everyone I know looking for guides. Good luck to you!!!!”
-Will H., June of 2011

“I’ve done two trips with Indigo Creek Outfitters now: opening day and the first real warm day of the season. Both were wonderful, even with the drastically different weather (cold & rainy vs. warm & sunny)! The stretch of the Rogue we ran is beautiful, with great views of the surrounding hills, birds aplenty, and a glimpse into the local culture. The photos that are taken on the trips are crisp and colorful – they capture the spirit of the river and the fun people have. My boat bought the photo CD the first time and I’ve loved sharing the pictures with friends and family. I felt very safe with Brandon as my guide the first trip and Will as my guide the second trip. Their commands were easy to follow and I learned quite a bit about rafting (I’m actually considering becoming a guide). Conversation flowed easily and we were able to enjoy each other’s company the entire time. Not only was I the first gift certificate recipient to cash in, I was treated to a special trip when other people bailed! I couldn’t have asked for a better graduation present. Will’s passion and kind-hardheartedness reminded me why I love Ashland so much: laid-back, fun-loving, and caring people. THANK YOU again for two wonderful adventures! ”
-Sarah R., June of 2011

“What a great time with great people! I woke up at 7:30am super excited to go rafting. I showed up at Indigo Creek Outfitters at 8:30. I was greeted by Will, the owner, who was very friendly. We waited for the rest of the people to show up for the trip and sat in the headquarters located off of A st. There are amazing rafting pictures set up around the the headquarters with vibrant colors and a big screen TV that displays pictures of people rafting. Once everyone showed up the two guides Brandon and T.J. gave us our safety talk which was filled with energy. Next we all headed to the van which had leather seats. Nice! To get to the location in which we were headed only took about 30 minutes are less. Maybe it was longer and I was just having a great time meeting all the people on the trip. The guides provided a comfortable, social atmosphere. When we got to the river put in. We loaded the boat and we were off down the river. Brandon was my guide on the trip and he was great at explaining important commands. The rapids on the trip were huge and a lot of fun. Half way through the trip we stopped the boat to scout Nugget Falls. Nugget Falls is huge and amazing. When we got back in the boat and ran Nugget Falls, it was the best rapid I have ever run. It was Amazing! Nugget Falls mixed with the great staff and awesome headquarters makes the trip worth every dollar. Thanks you guys!”
-Josh D., May of 2011

“Awesome company. I went on a trip with Indigo Creek Outfitters a couple weekends ago and it was an AMAZING trip. The guides were great, the meeting center had everything we needed before and after the trip, and the photos were phenomenal. Highly recommended!”
-Dana W., May of 2011

“I was lucky enough to catch trip one on opening day, and I was very impressed. Great pre-trip instruction on safety making sure everyone was familiar with how to react if you fall out or the boat flips. The crew was intertwining during transport to and from the river. On the river, the guide was very good about cleary directing everyone on board without any confusion. As a plus, they have a photographer who captures as much of your adventure as possible on camera, then you can purchase a photo album cd of your trip. I was more that satisfied with my experience with I.C.O, and I will be going back over and over.”
-Ben P., April of 2011

“Rafting was fantastic! I had never been before, and it was definitely a great first time experience! The staff was great and truly made this a memorable trip!”
-Melanie H., April of 2011

“I had an awesome time on my rafting trip. I had never gone white water rafting before and the guides did a great job instructing us on what to do. It was honestly one of the funnest times I’ve had in a long time. I am definitely going to go again and would recommend it to anybody, any age.”
-Breena W., April of 2011

“I went on a Brewery tour with Indigo Creek Outfitters. From start to finish the trip went above and beyond my expectations. We visited 4 different breweries and drank a lot of hoppy fresh beer. When we went to each brewery the brew masters were waiting for us and were excited to talk about their beer. I expected to drink beer, but did not expect to get in-depth tours by each brew master; which was a fun experience to see the beer you were drinking being made. Indigo Creek has the tour dialed. I paid a flat fee, that included 4 flights of beer, tips for each brewery, and food at one of the stops. This made the tour easy for me to relax and just drink beer and not have to think about the logistics and money. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone who is over 21.”
-skipvolp on Trip Advisor, November of 2013

“I’ve experienced an Indigo Creek Brewery Tour as well as a full-day Upper Klamath River Rafting Trip. In both cases, the experience and customer service provided by the ownership and staff at Indigo Creek was outstanding. I have never felt more safe and provided for on a guided excursion. Indigo Creek has exquisite attention to detail. My favorite part of the experience was how knowledgeable Indigo Creek guides were and how willing they were to share information about the local area – making my visit to Ashland that much more enjoyable – even after the tour/rafting was over. My sincere gratitude to Indigo Creek Outfitters!”
-Brian C. on Google+, August of 2013

“My brother-in-law and I did the Medford Brewery tour with Will from Indigo Creek Outfitters. We had a great time. The tours were a fantastic opportunity to sample a variety of brews from different brewers and to learn about the behind the scenes aspects of commercial brewing. Russ at Outback was GREAT. He took the time to show us around the brewhouse and answer all the questions we had, as well as talking about his beers with us as we sampled them. Craig at Bricktowne explained the brewing process and passed around samples of ingredients. The Bricktowne stop was notable not only for the information, but also the food! The chicken soft tacos we quite good, but don’t miss the chance to try the “air fried” jalapeno poppers! They were AMAZING! Will was a great tour guide and I highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in the southern Oregon beer scene! I’d love to go again sometime! ”
-elmirabeaver on Trip Advisor, April of 2013

“We wanted to thank Indigo Creek Outfitters and our guide Will for the wonderful afternoon touring and tasting breweries in Medford. Sampling the different beers is always fun, but meeting the brewers/owners and getting a tour of each facility made the trip interesting and unique. The food at Bricktowne Brewing was delicious and the brewer spent so much time with our group answering all of our questions. Very nice! The van was comfortable, the tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable and getting the Indigo Creek napsack was a nice little touch! Thank you! We would recommend this trip to any beer lover.”
-flkmsclvr on Trip Advisor, March of 2013

“We went on the brewery tour this weekend with Will at Indigo Creek Outfitters. First time doing a brewery tour. WHAT FUN! First off Will was excellent to work with from the moment I bought the package to the moment he dropped us off at the end of the tour. We had a van full of wonderful people that by the end of the tour we were all best friends. Will took us to 4 breweries in the Medford area ranging from a small one to larger ones. The pours were very generous! We were taken on tours through the processing area of several of the breweries which was very interesting. The host at each establishment was knowledgeable and shared interesting information on how they got started in the business. All in all it was a great experience that I would highly recommend! ”
-Petra L., March of 2013

“What a day! Will does a fabulous job with everything on this tour. Lots of tasters, great tours from the brewers, and lots of laughs. Thanks so much for a great day!”
-Dana W., March of 2013

“Indigo’s Medford Brewery tours are a great way to taste a variety of good Micro and Nano brews with friends. It’s also nice logistically, not having to plan or worry about who is going to be the DD. Thanks Will!”
-Glen F., March of 2013

“I loved trying all the different brews available, and getting time to talk with the brewers face to face.”
-Nick M., February of 2013

“Had a blast on our tour celebrating my husband’s birthday. We visited breweries we had not experienced before and met wonderful people who share our love of a well-crafted brew. Highly recommend this tour for anyone interested in learning more about the Medford brewpub scene.”
-Eden F., February of 2013

“It was simply A W E S O M E! We saw places in our hometown we had no idea existed. We were treated as part of a family being shown the “sites”. We learned so much information too! We just can’t wait to do it again!”
-Shelby F., January of 2013

“This was a great tour! Every brew master talked about a different aspect of the brewing process. Very informative, very entertaining, and some excellent local beers. I’m not sure I learned as much as I could have, though. I may have to take your tour a few more times, just to get the most from the experience, of course…”
-Levi M., January of 2013

“Really a fun trip. Would do it again!”
-George J., January of 2013