High river flows mean more excitement and big savings for customers.

As the sun slowly decides to show itself in Southern Oregon, rivers and creeks in the Rogue River drainage have crept higher due to melting snow. Ashland-based Indigo Creek Outfitters, which offers half-day rafting trips on the Upper Rogue River near Gold Hill, is now offering a “Big Water Special” to entice customers to join them during the exciting and rare high-water flows.

A raft crashes through a big "haystack" wave at Nugget Falls on April 17th.

A raft crashes through a big "haystack" wave at Nugget Falls during Opening Day, April 17th.

“This is a completely different river at these flows,” commented Will Volpert, owner and founder of Indigo Creek Outfitters. “The rapids are huge. When the flows are this high, there’s nothing else this big and fun within 30 minutes of Ashland.” By “big”, Volpert is referring to size of the waves and holes at Nugget Falls and Powerhouse – the two larger rapids on the Nugget-Powerhouse stretch of the Rogue River.

Many people raft this section of the Rogue River during the summer when the release from Lost Creek Reservoir is substantially lower and feeder creeks aren’t nearly as full. On Sunday, April 17th, Indigo Creek Outfitters ran their first trip of the season; the river was flowing at an estimated 9,000 cubic feet per second at Nugget Falls. “The rapids are simply phenomenal at these higher flows. We’d love to get more people out there to experience the power of the Rogue River at these levels,” said Volpert.

Indigo Creek Outfitters is offering their half-day trips for $35.00 off the normal price for this upcoming weekend. It’s a sale they’ve dubbed the “Big Water Special” because of the higher flows expected. The minimum age for these high water trips is 14. With the special, one space is $50.00 per person. It’s a price that, according to Volpert, can’t be beat. “It’s a great value and a tremendous experience. These flows won’t last long, this could be a one-shot deal for most people.” Space is limited and reservations are required.

For additional information about Indigo Creek Outfitters, visit them online at http://www.IndigoCreekOutfitters.com. Reservations for this upcoming weekend can be made via phone by calling 1-541-203-0222.