Indigo Creek Outfitters has recently started offering “Medford, Oregon Brewery Tours” every Saturday from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. The tours meet at the Indigo Creek rafting center, located at 130 ‘A’ Street near downtown Ashland.

The introduction of the tours is another example of how the craft beer industry has recently exploded in Southern Oregon. “We’ve had multiple breweries open their doors in the past year here in the Rogue Valley – and there are more scheduled to open in the next six months,” says Will Volpert, owner of Indigo Creek Outfitters.

Medford Oregon Brewery Tour

Brewery tour participants sample flights of beer at Walkabout Brewing Company.

Volpert, whose business has centered around half-day rafting trips on the Rogue River the past two years, says the brewery tours are a great fit for his company. “The majority of our customers are folks who like to get off the beaten path, see something new, and who love an authentic, genuine experience. The nano and micro breweries that we visit provide just that – and the brewers who we meet along the way truly care about their products and customer experiences.”

Having a pint of local brew after a day of rafting sounds like a good idea to the Indigo Creek crew, too. Glen Finch, who is entering his third year with Indigo Creek Outfitters, says that the brewery tours fit well into the rafting culture. “I think you’d find that river guides – and our customers for the most part – are much more inclined to enjoy a cold beer at the end of the day rather than a glass of wine. The tours are down-to-earth, relaxing, and personal. You can even stay in your rafting clothes and hop right into the van for the brewery tour. It’s not a wine tour where you’d have to dress up and ride around in a limo – that’s not what we’re aiming for – it’s a lot more relaxed than that.”

Indeed, brewery tours take a page straight out of the wine industry. “It’s the same idea as a winery tour,” says Volpert. “We’re visiting different breweries, learning about how the beer is made, and meeting the brewers. One difference,” he says with a pause, “…I think we have a lot more fun.” One might say that’s up to the eye of the beholder (or beer-holder).

Tour Overview
Cost: $70.00 per person
When: 1:00 – 6:00 p.m. every Saturday
Number of Beers: Over 20 different beers
How to get on a tour: Reservations are required and can be done online or by calling Indigo Creek Outfitters at 541-203-0222.


About the Breweries

Apocalypse Brewing Company

At Apocalypse Brewing they love BIG beers. Be they brews with huge hop presence, big malt backbones, or prominent and unique flavor profiles, they brew beers that are approachable, but with the character necessary to challenge the mundane. Apocalypse offers a consistent selection of quality, small-batch, beers as well as rotating specialties. Since they brew weekly, you’re guaranteed some of the freshest beer on tap in the Rogue Valley. Click here to visit their website.

Apocalypse Brewing Company Apocalypse Brewing Company

Bricktowne Brewing Company

Bricktowne’s restaurant and brewery is located in downtown historic Medford directly across from the Craterian Theater. They have an extensive lunch and dinner menu but are best known for their incredible craft beers. Bricktowne boasts some of the best beer in the valley, and with their selection of 11 beers they really have something for everyone. Click here to visit their website.

bricktowne brewing company bricktowne brewing company


Southern Oregon Brewing Company

All of Southern Oregon Brewing Company’s ales are locally made, award winning beers. These well balanced beers have been crafted to pair well with foods or stand on their own as session beers. Their brewery is a large one: 11,000 square feet with a 20-barrel system. SOBC is a frequent supporter of local cultural and philanthropic organizations. Click here to visit their website.

Southern Oregon Brewing Company Southern Oregon Brewing Company


Walkabout Brewing Company

Walkabout Brewing Company was established in 1997 in Central Point, Oregon by founder and head brewer, Ross Litton. A native of Perth, Australia, Ross has been a resident of Oregon for 21 years. Walkabout brews have traditionally been available primarily in Southern Oregon, however distribution has now been expanded to include Portland, Salem, Eugene and Corvallis. Click here to visit their website.

walkabout brewing company walkabout brewing company