If you have a summer vacation planned in Southern Oregon, there’s plenty to explore. You can raft, hike, and camp — but it’s important to have some downtime too.

When traveling the I-5, turn onto Exit 24 and discover the numerous wineries and vineyards near Phoenix. A visit to these wineries hits the spot when you desire a leisurely summer day.

Sampling Southern Oregon’s Best Wines

The Exit 24 Wine Trail includes many unique vineyards which showcase beautiful views, flavorful wines and welcoming winemakers.

1) Pebblestone Cellars

Located in Talent, Pebblestone Cellars is a family-owned winery that has been in the valley for more than three decades. Their grapes come from Ellis Vineyards, which is located in the middle of an ancient riverbed. The terrain contributes to Pebblestone’s unique and flavorful wines, and the stunning views are the perfect complement to an afternoon of wine tasting. Situated in a beautiful part of the Rogue Valley, a trip to Pebblestone Cellars is a great first stop on your winery adventure.

2) StoneRiver Vineyards

Another lovely winery in Talent, StoneRiver Vineyards is located on one of Oregon’s earliest registered farms. The vineyard’s tasting room is part of an old barn which was originally used as a packing shed for orchard-grown peaches. Later, it was a country store which sold peaches, pears, apples and cherries grown on the farm. The first floor of the barn was converted to a tasting room about 10 years ago. If you like variety, StoneRiver has four white and nine red grape varieties, so there’s something to suit every palate.

3) EdenVale Winery

Next, visit EdenVale Winery and experience a piece of local history. The property has tons of room to stretch out and sip wine all afternoon while relaxing with your friends. In addition to bold red wines and elegant white wines, EdenVale sources pears for their organic cider from their winery estate. Planted in 1885, the original planting still produces juicy, sweet pears. Once picked, they are fresh pressed, and then cold fermented to make EdenVale’s award-winning hard pear ciders. A refreshing summer drink!

4) 2Hawk Vineyard and Winery

Just a few minutes from Phoenix you’ll discover 2Hawk Vineyard and Winery, named after two hawks that have soared over the estate and the vineyard since its original planting. Sip on their award-winning wines, snack on a few delicious accompaniments, and take in the beautiful Rogue Valley scenery. They have plenty of outdoor seating so you can drink in the views, along with your wine. 


Exploring Rogue Valley Wine

A summer trip to Southern Oregon isn’t complete without a day of wine tasting. The Exit 24 Wine Trail has several special vineyards that showcase the flavors of the region. These wineries are warm, welcoming and some of the best places to enjoy Southern Oregon wine.