After a day on the water or an extended rafting trip, our river guides like to relax. And they know you like to relax, too! 

One of the best ways to unwind after a rafting trip is with a glass of Rogue Valley wine. Fortunately, there are plenty of vineyards, tasting rooms and wineries where you can kick back and enjoy your favorite local wine.

While Southern Oregon has numerous beautiful wineries, our river guides especially like the metropolitan setting of The Urban Cork in downtown Medford. While the interior is welcoming and intimate, the hustle and bustle of the city is just steps away.

Inside the tasting room

Located three blocks off of Main Street in Medford, start your next Southern Oregon wine adventure at The Urban Cork. In addition to experiencing a totally unique tasting room, you can learn about new wines and their producers, or add a new favorite wine to your repertoire. 

The Urban Cork is the best place to sample Southern Oregon’s most interesting wines. Winemaker Linda Donovan showcases her clients’ wines in her urban tasting room — with over 130 wines from the Rogue Valley, Applegate Valley, Umpqua Valley, Willamette Valley and Central Oregon. If that wasn’t exciting enough, they offer a new tasting flight every two days. New wines and flavors await you every time you visit the tasting room.   

But the best part of visiting The Urban Cork? Meeting Shamrock (“Shamps”) Donovan — the loyal and friendly Canine Tasting Room Ambassador! Shamps can usually be found playing in the tasting room or supervising work in the office. If you stop by for a visit, he will be eagerly waiting to greet you with a happy tail wag!

The start of something great

Linda Donovan has been passionate about winemaking since she started her degree in fermentation science in 1990. Linda has explored many wine growing regions around the world, and after spending some time in Western Australia, she arrived in the Rogue Valley in 2001.  

At that time, there were five wineries in the area, but no one was growing the varietals Linda wanted to make, so she decided to plant them. Little did Linda know that her work would become the start of an amazing, long-lasting endeavor.

Because of Linda’s hard work and dedication, The Urban Cork has become a popular tasting room in Southern Oregon.

And if you want to extend your wine tasting experience beyond a single day, their wine club continues to give you that amazing Southern Oregon experience you love. With over 60 varietals, they have everything you’re looking for in one convenient location. They offer four releases each year to ensure your taste for wine never goes unfulfilled. 

Relax with a glass of wine

Southern Oregon’s wine scene has everything you could desire — rolling hillsides, large estates, and urban tasting rooms. Each one has a unique flair that will satisfy your desire for wine and to unwind. A must-do on your next Southern Oregon adventure!