Whether you get coffee before a long meeting, or sip your favorite brew while watching the snow fall, coffee is how many people start their day. Hot or iced, with cream and sugar, or with your favorite added flavor, everyone loves a refreshing cup of coffee.

The next time you’re exploring the Rogue Valley and need your coffee fix, these local businesses have some of the best.

1) Kraken Koffee

Located in Phoenix’s Shoppes at Exit 24, Kraken Koffee is a walk-up organic coffee stand open from Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. They serve 100% organic espresso, locally roasted from Ashland’s Rogue Valley Roasting Co. Kraken Koffee creates their hand-blended drinks using homemade creme and Monin syrups. The coffee is perfectly balanced with full-bodied flavor, along with a high quantity of caffeine, so you get your caffeine and taste the coffee too.

2) Outsider Coffee

Outsider Coffee is a local business in Medford that always offers inspiring messages to the community, along with great coffee! While some people may see challenges and obstacles as something negative, Outsider Coffee wakes people up to their greatness through inspirational calls to action. This local coffee stand also has a delicious selection of original brews guaranteed to start your day off right — including the Rogue (a hazelnut dark mocha), the Outsider (a marshmallow dark mocha breve), and classics like an Americano.

3) Remix Coffee Bar

Remix Coffee has it all! Located in Ashland, they are a multi-roaster cafe featuring a diverse selection of the country’s best coffee roasters. Remix also has an espresso bar, pour-over and drip coffee, treats from Mix Bakeshop, a delicious prepared food menu, and libations on tap. So if you come for coffee, stay for the food, too! With everything from espresso, to chai, hot chocolate, hand-poured coffee and cold brew, you’ll always find amazing coffee at Remix.

Delicious Coffee, Locally Made

In the Rogue Valley, numerous stands and proprietors offer some of the best coffee. They have exciting flavors, beloved classics, and regular drip coffee if you like to keep it simple.

When you’re ready to satisfy your coffee craving, head to one of the local purveyors of this delectable brew. Whether you walk up, drive through or sit inside, you’ll enjoy a delicious cup of locally-crafted coffee.