Published: September 12, 2020
Last Updated: September 17, 2020

1. Update from Indigo Creek
2. Ways to help Talent and Phoenix
3. Individual fundraisers for local river company staff who have lost their homes

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On the morning of September 8, a fire started in northern Ashland was pushed by high winds through the towns of Talent and Phoenix. It is estimated that over 2,350 homes have been lost to the fire as well as numerous commercial buildings. Both Talent and Phoenix sustained significant damage.

The level of destruction in Talent and Phoenix is difficult to comprehend. There are thousands of homes that are gone. Our team is relatively lucky in that we still have our houses. Everyone who lives in this area will know people who lost homes. Now is the time to care for your neighbors and be there for when a need arises. Here’s a video of a fly over from Ashland to South Medford. Talent starts at 9:50. Phoenix starts at 23:00.

Julie, the kids and I are fine. Over the last week we have received many messages and talked to many of our past guests who expressed concern for us and our crew. Thank you so much for your thoughts and please know that we are all safe. We are shocked at the level of destruction that has occurred in our communities.

Our rafting center, located at The Shoppes at Exit 24, is closed to the public. It did not burn but we have canceled the remainder of our 2020 operating season for day rafting trips and multi-day trips. Those scheduled on our last remaining trips will be issued full refunds.

We are eager to help the people of Talent and Phoenix find their feet.

Will Volpert
Indigo Creek Outfitters


Please make a direct contribution to one or all of these funds:

  • Phoenix Talent Fire Relief Fund
    80% of Phoenix Elementary School students lost their homes.
    50% of the students at Talent Elementary lost their homes.
    If you would like to contribute to a fund to help the families from Phoenix-Talent School District that have lost their homes or had to be evacuated because of the fire affecting our community, please:
    Mail your donation to:
    Phoenix Talent Fire Relief Fund
    PO Box 937
    Medford, OR 97501
    Checks payable to: Jackson County School District #4
    Drop off in person: Orchard Hill Elementary at 1011 La Loma Dr. in Medford
  • Jackson County United Way
  • Rogue Credit Union: Rogue Credit Union is supporting local families, communities and relief efforts affected by the Almeda/Glendower, Obenchain and other surrounding fires. Donations are tax deductible and will go to our local non-profits, designed specifically for assisting impacted families and rebuilding our communities. Rogue will be matching donations dollar for dollar, up to $100,000.



Shannon Armor Go Fund Me – Noah’s Wilderness Adventures
Shannon Armor has worked with us at Noah’s for the last 12 years. She works so hard to make sure our guest’s have the best food possible on our Wilderness rafting and fishing trips. She has always been committed and hard working. Shannon just lost her home and absolutely everything she owns in the Almeda fire that recently devastated Phoenix Oregon. If you are in a position to donate a little or a lot, please do. Help us help her get back into a home and back on her feet. Thank you.

Mike Dickenson Go Fund Me – Momentum River Expeditions
From Mike: Many have asked if they can help our family during this time. We feel very watched over, seen and cared for. If you feel called to donate, know your support will ripple out into our community. Anything we do not need will be directed towards the people and systems that need it most. 

Steve Walters Go Fund Me – Noah’s River Adventures
From Steve’s Brother: My brother Steve Walters and his family escaped the Almeda fire in Talent OR on 9/9/20 with a backpack of belongings and the clothes they were wearing.  Their house they just purchased 10 months prior, is soot and rubble. Steve was unable to save his car but at least has his bike.  They feel very thankful they got out without injury but the emotional grief of loss is heavy.   I have received numerous inquiries from friends and family who want to help them during this impossible time.  Any donation will be used to help them rebuild and get their feet back on solid ground.  Thank you for supporting and loving them.

Levi Turner (Direct Venmo: @levi-turner-0) – Noah’s River Adventures
From Noah’s: One of our long time employees and head guide Levi lost his home. He was about to make a move down to Arizona and lost everything except his dog Stella (most important) and laptop. Any amount is greatly greatly appreciated by everyone. We can also accept checks by mail please direct message us for that info. Stay safe everyone.

Ryan Oswald (Direct Venmo: @Ryan-Oswald-11) – Noah’s River Adventures
From Noah’s: One of our head guides and guide manager Ryan Oswald and his partner Jordan Edwards lost their home in the Almeda fire. They are a wonderful couple and are incredibly caring people. Lots of families are struggling right now and any direct help to any of them helps our community greatly. We can also accept checks in the mail please DM us for that information. Stay safe out there everyone.