We are a family-run whitewater rafting company based in Phoenix, Oregon. Our business adventure began when we opened our doors for our first trip on April 17th, 2011. It snowed and we thought “What are we doing?” At the time, we had three rafts, one van, a few nervous guides, and zero customers. Today we are humbled to be the trusted outfitter to thousands of visitors traveling to Southern Oregon, as well as the local’s choice when it comes to backyard adventures.

Hard work pays off, and we are continuously motivated to provide better experiences for our customers. Our motivation to grow and reach new customers stems from our belief that being outside is simply good for the soul. The river captures moments when things are simple, things that matter are clear, and provides a platform for experiences that create lasting memories.

As our operation has expanded, the culture and values of Indigo Creek Outfitters remain the same as they were when we embarked on our journey in 2011. As a family-run business, our focus is on families with kids who might be experiencing a rafting trip for the first time. We know first-hand the unique challenges of vacationing with young kids, particularly doing an activity as a family when one or two people may be nervous.

Both Will and Julie have active roles in the business. When you call, chances are good that you’ll speak directly with Julie. When you visit our Rafting Center, Will may be greeting you as you walk through the door. We are both committed to staying connected with our customers and having a presence in our business. Over the course of thousands of river miles, we’ve discovered that it might be whitewater and the thrill that draws people to our business, but it’s the people – family, old friends, new friends, and our guides – that bring our customers back for another trip. The same is true for us – we love being outside and spending time on the river, but it’s sharing these special places with others that makes it worthwhile. We feel lucky to have the best customers on Earth.

As you begin to plan your adventure, please keep us in mind as a resource. Whether you decide to raft with us or someone else, the most important thing is that you have an enjoyable experience on a beautiful river in Southern Oregon.

We will look forward to sharing an adventure with you.


Will, Julie, Elijah, Carson, Emma, and the crew at Indigo Creek Outfitters

How has Indigo Creek Outfitters emerged as an industry leader in Southern Oregon?

Our customers choose us because of our attention to details, our caring and experienced crew of guides, and because of our proven ability to deliver incredible experiences time and time again.