Tim Cahill, a founding editor of Outside magazine and author of several books about adventure travel, will be offering a writing workshop this August on Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Co-teaching with Cahill will be Michael Shapiro, a travel writer for National Geographic Traveler, the Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle.

Shapiro and Cahill have taught together for more than a decade, working with aspiring writers to develop story ideas and hone the craft of evocatively telling tales. The on-river workshop will combine lessons from masters such as Edward Abbey and Bill Bryson with writing practice and story diagramming.

Trip Date: August 17th – 21st
Price: $1,895 per person.

Trip Itinerary:

August 16th: Arrive in Boise or Salmon (your choice), Idaho. The Pre-Trip Orientation is at the Best Western Vista Inn (if you are staying in Boise) or the Stage Coach Inn (if you are staying in Salmon) at 7:30 p.m. During the orientation you’ll learn about the day-to-day logistics of the trip, be given a large waterproof dry bag for your belongings, and meet your fellow trip participants.

August 17th: In the morning our group will be flown to Indian Creek, the launch site for the trip. Once there we will do a quick safety talk and push off onto the Middle Fork’s crystal clear water. It’s now time to sit-back, relax, and take in the beautiful scenery the Middle Fork canyon has to offer. For those looking for an adventurous way to travel the river we will be providing inflatable kayaks and paddle rafts. For the most relaxing and plush way to enjoy the river, take a seat in one of our oar boats.

As we go downstream we’ll stop at historical sites along the river, hotsprings, and a lunch break. Enjoy eating great meals with a view that can’t be beat. Our comfortable camp will be set-up for you upon arrival. Huge tents, deluxe sleeping pads, and camp chairs make our “home away from home” feel just like, well, home.

Each evening will kick off with tasty appetizers and writing discussions led by Cahill and Shapiro. With gorgeous canyon walls and the river by your side you will find the perfect space to let your creative mind roll. Dinner and dessert will soon follow and as the sky turns dark speckled with the best stars you’ve ever seen, you may find yourself wondering why it’s taken so long for you to find the Middle Fork.

August 18th – 20th:Each morning is relaxed. Sleep in or wake up early – either way a fresh pot of coffee or tea greets you in our camp kitchen. Breakfasts are delicious, healthy, and plentiful. By the time we’re back on the river the sun will have heated the canyon and you’ll be happy to be floating once again on the gin-clear and cool Middle Fork water.

The combination of whitewater, side hikes, Indian pictographs, hotsprings, and stories of hermits and Middle Fork pioneers paints a picture of the American West that is inspiring and easy to embrace. Our crews knowledge of the river and canyon will make you think they grew up on its banks (some of them did) and the meals they prepare for you redefine “camp cooking”. Days tend to blend together while on the river. That is, until…

August 21st: The realization that the trip is coming to a close may be tough to acknowledge. There is a reason people choose to become river guides and for most its the fear of saying goodbye to such a beautiful place. The trip ends shortly after the Middle Fork’s confluence with the Main Salmon. You’ll arrive in Salmon, Idaho around 3:00 p.m. From there, most stay for a night at the Stage Coach Inn before continuing on their way back home.

Over the course of your Middle Fork trip you will have floated over 70 miles and dropped nearly 2,000 feet of elevation. The most important things, however, can’t be measured in miles or feet, but more so in the memories you’ll have to take with you back home. Few people ever experience the Middle Fork of the Salmon but those that do never forget their time spent along its banks.

If this sounds like the trip for you, call 541-203-0222 to reserve your space.