The metaphor of life being a river is probably overused, so in 2013 we pledge to use it only today, on January 1st.  But there are reasons for the cliché – namely the many parallels a trip down the river shares with the journey of life.

Lessons from the River

1. Take on Challenges

Obstacles, blind corners, and horizon lines will always exist on the river and in life. Some are true puzzles, which take more time to overcome to continue with the journey. Some are just small waves, barely rocking the boat and hardly requiring a pause in the action.  The important thing with each obstacle is this: embrace it. Accept the challenge, and work towards completing it. For on the river, and just like in life, the only way to reach camp is to move downstream.

2. Enjoy the Calm

When you do come across a slow current, take the opportunity to look around. If you like what you see, pull over and spend a night or two under the stars.  Give your body rest and your mind a chance to explore. Have a campfire, tell stories, and laugh – a lot. Surround yourself with good people and you’ll find that the journey is not about whitewater, but about relationships that are formed from shared accomplishments.

3. Be Determined
No matter what, always have a dream. There will be ups and downs, rapids that need to be scouted, an occasional bump that leads to an unplanned route, and eddies that seem to stall you. But I guarantee this: every drop of water is always moving downstream. Always, the river moves downstream.  And no matter how long you circle in an eddy, eventually the current will grab you and push you forward. Your dream is downstream. When and if you get there is up to you. Stay determined.


Happy New Year from all of us at Indigo Creek Outfitters. We are looking forward to sharing the journey with friends and family in 2013 and beyond.