On First Friday (June 7th), Indigo Creek Outfitters will premiere a month-long photo display by Emily Berlant (Photos Through Purple Frames) at the Indigo Creek rafting center located at 130 A St, #2B in Ashland, Oregon.

Emily has been taking photos for as long as she can remember but started putting professional focus on photography at the beginning of this year. After spending 2012 touring with reggae band ‘SYNRGY’ across fifteen states and spending that time adamantly working on her photo portfolio, Emily jumped into 2013 full-bore. “The positive response to my photos has been overwhelming!”, says Berlant, “I’m so glad I’ve made my passion public.”


Growing up in Southern Oregon with highly adventurous parents and traveling extensively throughout her life, Emily has always found inspiration in the brief moments that can only be contained in a photo. “Photography allows one to capture a moment that may have otherwise been overlooked. Photography allows for others to have a glimpse into the life of the photographer.” Enticed at an early age, she remembers sitting in her living room as a child clicking through slides of her parents’ days on the river in the 70′s and playing with her father’s Canon A-1. Not much of a portrait photographer, Emily focuses more on scenery and nonhuman objects.

Displayed photos, most shot with a Canon 60D with 18-200mm lens, will cover subjects ranging from rivers in Oregon to chickens in Wisconsin.