Editor’s Note: Brandon Worthington was an original guide for Indigo Creek Outfitters when we opened our doors in 2011. Ten years later, Brandon is the owner of Worthington Fly Fishing and spends the majority of the year on local backyard rivers. While he’s normally chasing fish, every once in awhile we are able to convince him to hop back in a raft for a trip or two each summer.

Spring and summer are two of the best seasons in Southern Oregon. Cool mornings, warm and sunny afternoons, and a deep, dark night sky dotted with twinkling stars. There’s also ample opportunities to watch sunrises and sunsets in hues of red, purple, orange and gold.

But you haven’t truly experienced everything Southern Oregon has to offer until you’ve traveled down one of our many beautiful rivers.

There are many great activities to do on the water, but one of our favorites (in addition to rafting!) is a fly fishing trip with Worthington Fly Fishing.

Photo courtesy of Worthington Fly Fishing

Introducing Worthington Fly Fishing

Brandon and Bridget own Worthington Fly Fishing, and both love the water. Brandon is the head guide and spends over 250 days a year on the water. He knows every inch of the rivers and shares that experience with his customers. 

Bridget’s knowledge of fisheries and her business acumen keeps everything running smoothly while the guides are on the water. Bridget works for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, but has also packed some amazing lunches for fishing days! So her suite of talents is on display in all aspects of the business. 

Their passion for fly fishing and desire to share the area’s amazing rivers led to the creation of the business. They operate out of Ashland, which provides easy access to the best rivers and fisheries in Southern Oregon and Northern California. 

A Menu of Rivers

Southern Oregon and Northern California have outstanding fishing, rivers and unique landscapes — featuring everything from mountains, to desert plateaus and rainforests. So each fly fishing trip is truly unique! All you have to do is choose your river and let the adventure begin.

Rogue River

The Rogue River is a legend in its own right. Dam-free for over 150 miles, the Rogue is famous for steelhead, salmon and trout fishing. Only 30 minutes from Ashland, it’s a favorite fly fishing location among anglers of all skill levels. 

Klamath River

The Klamath River is filled with an abundance of fish, including wild redband trout and wild steelhead and half pounders. The river also boasts two Wild and Scenic sections, rugged canyons and year-round angling. Additionally, Worthington guides more miles of the Klamath than any other outfitter!

Umpqua River

Ready to catch the fish of a lifetime? Find premier steelhead angling on the famous Umpqua River! The Umpqua River is a must-see for anglers who want a great winter steelhead fly fishing expedition. 

Williamson River

Williamson River is a major tributary of Upper Klamath Lake. It also has a plentiful amount of fish, with redbands that may reach up to 20 inches in three years, and others that could be eight pounds or larger. 

Southern Oregon Coast

The remote rivers on the Southern Oregon Coast are nostalgic, quiet and beautiful, with an abundance of wild steelhead coming in from the ocean. A fly fishing trip here will be an experience unlike any other, and one that you will not soon forget. 

Upper Sacramento River

The Upper Sacramento River is a rich freestone stream and home to the Shasta Rainbow Trout. Worthington Fly Fishing offers “walk and wade adventures”, which utilize the river’s many scenic riffles, runs, pools and pocket water. The nearby trails also have gorgeous wildflowers, so have a camera handy to take pictures. 

The Best Fly Fishing Trips

Fly fishing is an activity that everyone can enjoy. Whether you have fished for decades or want to start your fishing journey with that all-important first step, a trip with Worthington Fly Fishing is a must. Experience the amazing rivers and wildlife of Southern Oregon and Northern California with an unforgettable fly fishing adventure.