Photo courtesy of Travel Medford

If you like a side of beer with your exercise, then you’ll love pedaling to the best breweries in Medford on the Pint Rider.

Pedal Power

The Pint Rider puts a new spin on biking around the block. Similar to a party bus, it puts you in the middle of the action — pedaling, laughing and enjoying the refreshing spring and summer weather.

You can rent the Pint Rider for 2.5 hours. This group activity is a safe, fun and eco-friendly way to explore Medford restaurants, breweries and the heart of downtown.  

The multi-person bike holds up to 15 party goers — with 12 seated along the sides, and up to three on the rear bench. About the size of a cargo van, the Pint Rider reaches speeds between 5 and 8 miles per hour. It’s one of the locals’ favorite ways to cruise around town.

And if you want to kick it up a notch with music? They’ve got you covered! The Pint Rider has a stereo with an auxiliary cord and bluetooth. Guests can hook up their iPod or MP3 player, or the driver will provide a great playlist.

Additionally, riders can now drink beer, wine and cider on the bike. You may also bring your own beer, cider or wine aboard the Pint Rider. Riders are allowed to bring up to three growlers or two bottles of wine with them.  

Don’t have a group of 15 people? Try the Half Pint option! This tour is a minimum of four people, but no more than six.

Biking For All Occasions

So when should you book the Pint Rider? Any time! If you have a bachelor or bachelorette party, team building event, birthday party, tailgating, corporate convention, or anything else you want to celebrate, the Pint Rider is the perfect group activity. 

Most tours will stop at 3-4 places during the ride. There are many places to choose from in Medford, including the Growler King at Quality Market, The Rogue Growler, Grape Street Bar & Grill, The Urban Cork, Common Block Brewing Company, BricktownE Brewing Company and more.

Experience Medford’s Downtown Breweries 

When you want to pub hop — don’t crawl — pedal! Medford’s Pint Rider is a unique Rogue Valley experience where you bike your way to the area’s best breweries and taste some of the finest craft beers and ciders in Southern Oregon.