We all enjoy warm and sunny summer days. That means camping adventures, rafting trips, afternoons laying in the hammock, and of course, a refreshing beer at a local brewery!

Southern Oregon has many amazing breweries and local craft beers, but our river guides are on tap to provide you the inside scoop on their favorite. 

Whether you spend the day rafting, hiking or exploring local shops, there’s nothing better than ending the day with a glass of Workers Pale Ale from Walkabout Brewing Company.

Tales of the Ale

Walkabout’s Workers Pale Ale is a classic northwest-style beer. The inviting flavor is suitable for all occasions, whether you’re enjoying a glass with lunch, or drinking with friends after dinner.

This balanced beer has a smooth, dry finish that beer aficionados love. The refreshing taste satisfies your desire for a cool brew on a warm summer night. This is Walkabout’s flagship beer, and their best seller. 

Behind the Brewery

Walkabout Brewing Company welcomes guests into their cozy tasting room, which is the perfect place to gather. Walkabout loves to have a good time, so they host fun events such as live music, trivia, comedy and much more. Additionally, they never let their guests go hungry! Walkabout has an amazing menu, which includes stone-cooked pizza and various gourmet pita nacho dishes.

Or if you want to enjoy a drink outside, the Walkabout Outback is mere steps away. The Outback is perfect if you love the great outdoors all year. A large fire pit — as well as multiple heaters — keep you warm when it’s cold out. When the weather warm ups, the large lawn has plenty of space to play your favorite yard games. And if it’s one of those days where there’s rain, wind and sun? No worries! The Outback can handle it all and you’ll still have a great time.

A Walk Back in Time

Walkabout Brewing Company has an interesting history, which starts when founder Ross Litton left Australia in the late 1980s. He wanted to begin his own journey and see what lay ahead. He eventually found himself in the Pacific Northwest and later began his brewing career with Oregon’s Rogue Brewing Company. But then the historic Ashland flood of 1997 destroyed the Rogue brew site, and Ross had to look elsewhere for work.

However, out of the destruction, something new was born. Ross created his own brewery in his garage, which has grown into a successful microbrewery. Dedicated to brewing well-balanced beers, Walkabout is one of Oregon’s best breweries.

Begin Your Brewery Adventure

No trip to Southern Oregon is complete without trying the numerous craft beers from the many local breweries. Each one has its own unique taste and personality. 

Our river guides hope you visit as many breweries as you can, but encourage you to try a glass or two of Walkabout’s Workers Pale Ale. It’s a Southern Oregon staple and one you won’t want to miss.