Who says fishing is just a summer activity? If you’ve never gone ice fishing, then you must put this on your winter to-do list!

Southern Oregon Ice Fishing

Located east of Medford on Highway 140, Fish Lake is a popular trout reservoir and great place for ice fishing. January is often the best month to ice fish, so start planning your trip now.

During January, the lake is at 4,600 feet and has ice about 6-24” thick. Besides brook trout, Fish Lake also has rainbow fish, land-locked Chinook salmon and tiger trout.

If you’re new to ice fishing, many locals start their visit near Fish Lake resort, which is usually open Friday through Sunday during winter. Once you arrive and settle in, rent an ice auger to drill the hole and let the fishing begin!

When you’re finished with a successful day of ice fishing, the resort also serves hot food and drinks to warm you up before returning home.

The Beautiful Lake

Located at 4,600 feet in the Southern Oregon Cascades, Fish Lake is a beautiful sight to behold. It’s set among a stunning old growth forest at the foot of Mt. McLoughlin.

Fish Lake is located between two volcanoes — Mount McLoughlin to the north and Brown Mountain to the south. Additionally, 2,000-year-old andesite lava flows which erupted from Brown Mountain surround Fish Lake’s southern shore.

Fish Lake was originally a small natural lake. In 1898, the Fish Lake Water Company was created to help irrigate the Rogue Valley. The company eventually wanted to enlarge Fish Lake and another nearby lake to make more water storage.

The two lakes were connected in 1915 by the Cascade Canal. This brought water from Fourmile Lake in the Klamath River watershed over to Fish Lake, which supplemented Little Butte Creek. After these additions and a new spillway, the lake is now about three times its original size.

With such a long and interesting history, your ice fishing trip at Fish Lake will be a unique way to experience a beautiful part of the Rogue Valley.

Winter Ice Fishing

There are numerous gems and adventures waiting to be discovered in Southern Oregon, especially during the winter.

If you love to fish, then you’ll enjoy the beauty and serenity of ice fishing. It’s an activity for those who are willing to brave the cold and experience the lake in its most pristine, wintery state.