Winter is still in full swing, so that means you have plenty of time to take the family sledding. Because there’s nothing more thrilling than rushing down the mountain, while the trees and rest of the world whirls by.

But when there’s mostly rain on the Rogue Valley floor, it’s time to search for snow! These are some of our favorite nearby sledding areas where you can have a blast flying down the hill.

1) Farewell Bend 

This is located just past Union Creek, and it’s free except for the snow permit. Once you arrive, there are three hills you have to walk up, each with different degrees of incline. And it’s a popular spot so there tends to be a lot of people. If you go during the week, you have a better chance of avoiding the large crowds. But it will all be worth it once you’re at the top of the hill, with your sled poised and ready to go. The kids — and you, of course! — will love zooming down the hill to see who gets to the bottom first.

2) Table Mountain at Hyatt Lake

This area is free for sledding, so it’s popular with locals and visitors alike. Table Mountain is an awesome sledding hill in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, which is specifically designed for snow tubing and sledding. It’s a great spot for families to enjoy a day playing in the snow, and even has a warming shelter that is open during the winter months.

3) Diamond Lake Resort

Diamond Lake has everything you could desire for a day of winter fun. They offer snow tubing with a 470 foot wonder carpet lift for easy uphill treks, fast tubes and multiple lanes. Then, the slide hill is open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and some holidays throughout the winter season. And if you want to stay longer? Diamond Lake has cabins where you could rest and relax. They also offer snowmobiles, cross country skis, and snowshoe rentals.

The Best Local Sledding

It’s still early in the winter season, so there’s lots of time for a snow day. If you’re seeking the best sledding spots in Southern Oregon, these are the ones you must visit. These beautiful winter wonderlands will have you trekking up the hill, sliding down, and going back up (and down again!) all day long.