We all know and love the Rogue River. But did you know there’s numerous beautiful waterfalls just an hour or so from our office in Phoenix? If you love the water, visiting these waterfalls must be on your bucket list.

Whether you’re drawn to the thundering water or breathtaking views, it’s time to grab a map, gather your friends and explore these fantastic water features.

Plan Your Trip

Mill Creek Falls – 59 minutes from Phoenix

In a thrilling display of Mother Nature’s power, Mill Creek Falls dives 173 feet into the Rogue River Gorge. You can enjoy an easy hike along a gorgeous, tree-lined trail that’s large enough for kids to play and explore. Located near the town of Prospect, Mill Creek Falls is a good year round destination.

Barr Creek Falls – 1 hour, 6 minutes from Phoenix

Barr Creek Falls is truly unique. The falls range from a strong deluge in the spring, to a lighter spritzing in the summer months. If you visit during springtime, you could see it as a double waterfall. According to Oregon Geographic Names, Barr Creek was named after the presence of a cattle bar which prevented livestock from straying out of a ranch that runs along the creek.

Crowfoot Falls – 47 minutes from Phoenix

Crowfoot Falls offers something for everyone. There’s plenty of room to view the falls, and then play in the water. You can also swim to Crowfoot Creek and explore the cascading pools and waterfall ledge.

 Dillon Falls – 24 minutes from Phoenix

Dillon Falls — also known as Nugget Falls, Hatrue Falls and Tolo Falls — are rapids located along the Rogue River. The Falls are a short distance from Grants Pass and located where the Rogue River funnels into a narrow channel before reaching the main drop of the waterfall, ending in a calm pool.

 Chocolate Falls – 40 minutes from Phoenix

Chocolate Falls is located south of Ashland in the Bear Gulch valley. You can access the falls  via Colestin Road, which is south of the Trashi Chöling Buddhist Center and Temple Garden. Additionally, the Pacific Crest Trail passes just north of Chocolate Falls.

Discovering the Rogue Valley’s Waterfalls

Whether you’re an experienced waterfall hunter or seeking your next water adventure, start your journey in Southern Oregon and experience everything our area has to offer.