School is out, which means the kids will be home for the summer and looking for things to do. And you don’t want them sitting in front of the computer all day. Fortunately, the Rogue Valley has plenty of fun indoor and outdoor activities your kids will love and talk about for the rest of the summer.

If you’re wondering where to take the kids this summer, these are some of our favorite local attractions.

Stay Cool & Play Indoors

1) Rogue Rock Gym

Rock climbing at Rogue Rock Gym is a great way for the kids to get in their exercise, release all that extra energy and try a new activity. They’ll feel like action stars while climbing on the boulder or repelling down the wall. And if it’s your first time climbing? You can rent equipment from Rogue Rock Gym so you’re totally prepared for your inaugural climb.

2) Laser Ops Entertainment

Who doesn’t love a game of laser tag? If your kids play video games, this is much more fun! It will get them chasing their friends and leave that iPad in the car. Laser Ops Entertainment has an awesome arena where the entire family can engage in an epic laser tag battle. Or, play a few games in the gamer’s lounge. Challenge your friends to see who will win the day!

Outdoor Adventures Abound

3) Oregon Caves National Monument

This beautiful monument is a must-see, especially if you live locally. The ranger-guided tour of the Oregon Caves will teach you about the history of the people who discovered them. After the tour, take the kids to the Visitors Center to pick up their Junior Rangers workbook so they can earn their badge. There are also numerous interactive displays to explore and keep the adventure going.

4) Barr Creek Falls

The Rogue Valley’s waterfalls are a family favorite. These stunning natural waters will amaze the kids — and adults, too! Barr Creek Falls is in the same area as Mill Creek Falls, so you may even see two waterfalls on one trip.

5) Union Creek Campground

Union Creek Campground is a beautiful place to camp, located in the middle of an old growth forest. If you want to explore beyond the campground, the Natural Bridge is right up the road, along with Mill Creek Falls, National Falls, the Rogue Gorge and many more hiking opportunities.

Family Fun, Rain or Shine

The Rogue Valley is your launchpad to adventure. There’s no reason to be stuck inside this summer, or feel bored with nothing to do. Southern Oregon is absolutely family friendly, with plenty of activities people of all ages will enjoy throughout the year.