School Group Rafting Trips

Group rafting trips out of Ashland, Oregon

Class on the Rogue

School groups frequent Ashland, Oregon during the spring and summer months to see plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. If your group is in Ashland for more than a day, consider joining Indigo Creek Outfitters for a half-day of outdoor recreation. A few hours of rafting is a great way to get some fresh air and easy exercise between plays. Our trips are well suited for large groups and we make planning a group-rafting trip easy. We have facilitated rafting trips for middle school groups, young-adult high school trips, and university clubs.

“The trip was amazing and needless to say that the students loved it! Even for our large group you made it easy to organize and plan. The staff was patient, kind, and gave each student individual attention as needed. From start to finish… A+!”


School Group RaftingThe section of river that is most popular for school group rafting trips is known as the “Nugget-Powerhouse” stretch of the Rogue River. It starts mellow and builds up slowly until the two grand finales: Nugget Falls and Powerhouse Rapid. Between the start and finish there are calm places to practice paddling and sitting in the raft, there are surf waves that are fun to play in, and there are class II and III rapids that keep things interesting. At the very end, almost like the final act of a Shakespeare play, are the two biggest rapids. Our rafting ends at the Sports Park in Gold Hill, Oregon. From there it is about a 30-minute drive back our Rafting Center. Our morning trips are generally back by 12:15 (12:30 at the very latest) and our afternoon trips are normally back by 5:15 (5:30 at the very latest).

We offer educational discounts for school groups. To get started, fill out the form below so that we can prepare a price quote for your group. You can also call our office at 541-282-4535 for more information, or email us at

Parents aren’t traveling with us, what forms need to be filled out prior to the trip?

The group organizer will will receive a liability release form (PDF) prior to the trip that can be sent home with students to be filled out by their parents/legal guardians.

How old do the students need to be?

The minimum age on our Upper Rogue rafting trips is 6.

How is the weather in the Rogue Valley?

In May, temperatures sometimes exceed 85 degrees but we occasionally experiences fronts of colder weather. July through August is the warmest season with temperatures frequently exceeding 90 degrees.

How many people fit in a raft?

Most of the time rafts have up to six paddlers and a guide.

How long is the drive time?

The Rogue River is only about 30 minutes from Ashland.

Are there airports nearby>What safety measures are in place on your trips?

All passengers are equipped with a Coast Guard regulation personal flotation device and a helmet. All of our guides are certified in American Red Cross First Aid and CPR and are trained extensively on the sections of river that we run. Several of the guides have gone even further to receive their certifications in Wilderness Medicine, First Responder and Swiftwater Rescue Technician. All trips carry a cell phone as well as a first aid kit.

Prior to leaving the Rafting Center our Trip Leader (head guide) leads an extensive safety talk. During that time we make sure all equipment fits properly (life jackets and helmets) before leaving for the river. Once at the river, our guides give a paddling talk to his or her crew to make sure everyone is comfortable sitting in the rafts, is sitting properly, and understands different paddling commands. Our crew is well-versed in group communication, patient, and excited to work with students.

When your group visits Ashland, Oregon, keep in mind there is a lot more to do than Shakespeare and rafting. Here are a few Indigo Creek staff picks for places to visit and things to do with a student group in Ashland.


Voluntourism with the Siskiyou Mountain Club

The Siskiyou Mountain Club is a 501(c)(3) public charity that formed to promote, enhance and maintain primitive outdoor destinations in the Siskiyou backcountry. Learn more about the Siskiyou Mountain Club here.


Science Works Museum

ScienceWorks is a fun, engaging science center where kids and adults can rediscover wonder. The innovative museum features interactive exhibits, an outdoor garden, live science shows and dynamic programs year-round. Learn more about Science Works here.


Southern Oregon University

Southern Oregon University is a small liberal arts college located in Ashland. Guided tours of the SOU campus are available throughout the year. Additional visit options, such as meeting with faculty, may be added to your tour depending on availability. Learn more about Southern Oregon University here.


Lithia Park

Lithia Park is the largest and most central park of Ashland, Oregon. It consists of 93 acres of forested canyonland around Ashland Creek, stretching from the downtown plaza up toward its headwaters near Mount Ashland. Learn more about Lithia Park here.


Ashland Historic Railroad Museum

Opening on the 120th Anniversary of Ashland’s Golden Spike, December 17, 2007, Ashland Historic Railroad Museum helps bridge the past with the future, brings new images of another time and encourages the dream of a passenger train once again in Ashland, Oregon. Learn more about the Ashland Historic Railroad Museum here.


Emigrant Lake

With 1467 expansive acres, including 12 miles of lake frontage, Emigrant Lake offers various recreational activities including RV/tent camping, fishing for bass, crappie, trout, boating, canoeing/kayaking, water skiing, swimming, picnicking, hiking, a playground, and a 280-foot twin flume water slide. Learn more about Emigrant Lake here.


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Why Indigo Creek?

At Indigo Creek Outfitters we take pride in the quality of trips that we run. We are lucky to work in a fun and exciting industry, but we are most fortunate to have the best customers on Earth who make the work we do a true pleasure. Here are a few great reasons to choose Indigo Creek Outfitters for your rafting trip.

  • Happy and friendly guides
  • Smart logistics
  • Free parking
  • Incredible testimonials
  • No extra charges
  • “Local’s Choice”

Our Rafting Center

All of our day rafting trips meet at our rafting center, located a couple blocks from downtown Ashland, Oregon.

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