Full Day Upper Klamath Rafting Trips

Welcome to the Wild West and Oregon’s Wettest Rafting Trip

“World Class Rafting”

Upper Klamath rafting – welcome to the Wild West. With big waves, dramatic drops, and spectacular scenery, the Upper Klamath River is the ultimate full-day whitewater rafting trip in Oregon. Mile for mile, no other full-day rafting trip in Oregon compares to the Upper Klamath. This 14 mile rafting trip features fantastic and fun Class IV+ rapids and continuous Class IV whitewater framed by spectacular canyon scenery and history-rich lands. Upper Klamath rafting trips meet at 8:00 a.m. at our Rafting Center and return to Ashland around 5:00 p.m., leaving you with plenty of time in the evening to relax, go out for dinner, and enjoy a play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. A visit to Ashland, Oregon is incomplete without a rafting trip on the Upper Klamath. Space is extremely limited and reservations are required. Don’t miss the boat, join us for an Upper Klamath rafting trip you won’t ever forget.

$169/Adults, $159/Youth +3% BLM fee


Discounts: Groups of 4+ – 10% / Groups of 10+ – 15% / Groups of 16+ – 20%

Upper Klamath RaftingUpper Klamath rafting trips offer paddlers a beautiful “Wild & Scenic” stretch of river that cuts through an incredible canyon. The stretch starts off with a handful of Class II and III rapids as a warm-up. The first large rapid of the trip, Caldera, is where the nature of the run changes dramatically and goes from a tame meandering river to an impressive stretch of continuous class IV whitewater punctuated by a few noticeable class IV+ drops. From Caldera to Stateline Falls, the whitewater is non-stop. For those looking for a great full-day adventure that is fun and action-packed the Upper Klamath may be your trip of choice.

“The serious ‘I-can’t-believe-we-are-here’ moment comes mid-run at the back-to-back Satan’s Gate and Hell’s Corner doubleheader: a twisting ride through a raging current followed by an enormous drop emptying into a maze of boulders and waves – continuing around the corner as far as the eye can see.”


An Upper Klamath rafting trip offers a glimpse back to the history of western territorial exploration and settlement. Native American sites, pioneer settlements, gold rush exploration, thwarted attempts at development, and the congressional heroics that preserved the Wild & Scenic Upper Klamath make the background of your trip. Our guides are knowledgeable about the history of the Upper Klamath and are eager to share their stories with you. Our Upper Klamath rafting trips are more than just rafting trips – they are a guided experience with guides who have a passion for making your rafting trip perfect for you and your group. So whether that means focusing on whitewater, going for swims, looking for native birds, simply relaxing, or a combination of all the above, we are happy to provide an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Due to the active nature of this run, Upper Klamath trip participants should be in good physical shape and ready for a full day of paddling. Trips meet at our Rafting Center at 8:00 a.m. and return to Ashland around 5:00 p.m. Breakfast and lunch are provided, as well as any paddling gear you need for the day (wetsuits, splash jackets, booties, lifejackets, and helmets).

Hot Topic: Impacts of Settlement Along the Klamath River

Klamath River RaftingPeople have lived in the Klamath Basin for thousands of years. It is likely that inhabitants witnessed the eruption of Mt. Mazama 7,700 years ago. Salmon runs once united the Klamath Basin. The Klamath River tribes—the Yurok, Hupa, Shasta, and Karuk—harvested salmon for sacred ceremonies. The Gold Rush of 1850-51 brought many miners. The miners caused a terrible disruption in the lives of the Native Americans of the area by damming and diverting water for mining purposes, which made it difficult for fish populations. Dam building on the Klamath began in 1908 and by 1962 there were six dams on the river. In 1917, the first public lands were opened and sold for homesteading. Multiple homestead plots can still be seen from the waters edge and explored with the leave no trace mentality. With all of the human impact within the Klamath Basin, the Klamath River is said to be in a “crisis”. Depleted resources, frustrated inhabitants, and political battles have made the river a hot topic on many levels.
-Excerpt from “Rafting the Wild West’s Upper Klamath

Reservations and Cancellation Policy

Reservations are required for all of our rafting trips and tours. The minimum age for our Rogue River rafting trips is 8 years old (6 if he or she weighs over 50 pounds). The minimum age for our Upper Klamath rafting trips is 10 years old. A deposit of $50.00 per person holds your space on a half-day or full-day rafting trip. The balance is due seven days prior to trip departure.

Small Group / Family Cancellation Policy (groups of 6 or less)

Our trips are of the highest quality and we incur substantial costs in preparation. The majority of our customers are families or groups of 6 or less, and we understand that plans change, family members can become sick, and sometimes life simply throws you a curve ball. We have developed the most family friendly cancellation policy in our industry and we offer it to protect both your investment and our business. If you cancel 48 hours prior to trip departure we will refund 100% of your payment. Within 48 hours we will offer a 50% credit towards a future trip or tour.

Large Group / Charter Cancellation Policy (groups of 7 or more)

For large groups and charter trips, please understand that we often block out specific dates for large groups of 7 or more, thus we cannot offer any refunds or credits if your group cancels within two weeks of your scheduled trip.

When is the best time of the year to raft the Upper Klamath?

We offer trips on the Upper Klamath from the middle of April through the middle of September. The Upper Klamath is dam-controlled, which means we get to enjoy good water flows throughout the year.

How old do I need to be to go on an Upper Klamath rafting trip?

The minimum age on our Upper Klamath rafting trips is 10 years old.

How do I make a reservation?

Once you have an idea of when you would like to go, give our office staff a call at 541-282-4535. They have helpful information and can assist you with your decision as well as give you up to the minute availability information. A good thing to keep in mind is the earlier you can make your reservation or inquiry, the greater the likelihood the time frame you’re looking at will be available. We are limited in the number of guests we can accommodate, and trips often fill quickly. You can also place your reservation online.

How is the weather in Southern Oregon?

In April, weather can be all over place. Snow in the mountains and foothills, 90-degree days, it is really hit or miss. In May, temperatures sometimes exceed 85 degrees but we occasionally experience fronts of colder weather. July through August are the warmest months with temperatures frequently exceeding 90 degrees.

How many people fit in a raft?

Most of the time rafts have up to six paddlers and a guide.

How many folks can we book on a trip?

Our trips have a limit of 30 people.

What kind of gear will I need to bring?

You should bring clothing and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. If it’s chilly, wetsuits, booties, and splash jackets are provided free of charge.

Should I bring valuables on the trip?

We suggest that you leave your valuables at home when rafting with us. Expensive jewelry, watches, and cameras that are not waterproof add little to your trip experience and can cause heartache if they are lost or damaged.

What kind of rafts do you use?

We pride ourselves in running only top of the line rafts and equipment. Our rafts are Vanguard Inflatables that offer durability and comfort.

What about gratuities?

Guests often inquire whether it is acceptable to leave a gratuity for their guide at the conclusion of their trip. If you felt your guide was exceptional, you should feel free to give him or her a token of your appreciation. A typical gratuity is between 15% and 20% of the trip fare, but guides are appreciative of any gesture. In the spirit of teamwork, our guides typically pool their gratuities at the conclusion of the trip.

If I arrive a day or two early, are there any good hotels or Bed and Breakfasts near by?

Absolutely. Ashland is well known for having fantastic lodging options. Check out www.VisitingAshlandOregon.com for a complete list of things to do in the area.

How long is the drive time for the Upper Klamath from Ashland, Oregon?

The Upper Klamath is a scenic hour and a half drive from Ashland over the Green Springs Highway. There is an opportunity to stop midway for a bathroom and fresh spring water at Tub Springs State Wayside. Our trips typically return to our Rafting Center around 5:00pm.

Are there airports nearby?

Yes, Medford International is only 20 minutes away from our Rafting Center.

Are there other fun things that we can do in conjunction with a rafting trip with Indigo Creek Outfitters?

Certainly. Ashland is world-famous for Shakespeare productions, fine dining, and spectacular lodging.

All of our full-day Upper Klamath rafting trips meet at our Rafting Center, located at 130 A Street near downtown Ashland. Please arrive by 8:00 a.m. During our Upper Klamath rafting trips we do provide a delicious breakfast and lunch. Some of our guests prefer to bring their own personal water bottle – which is perfectly fine – and can be filled at our Rafting Center.

Bring shoes and clothes that you won’t mind getting wet. Sandals without heel straps tend to slip off, but Tevas, Chacos, or old sneakers work great. Sunglasses are highly recommended as well as chums to keep them on your head. During the summer months, swim trunks are fine, but please do not wear any cotton as it will keep you cold once it is wet. We do provide wetsuits, booties, and splash jackets free of charge if desired. Sunscreen, lip balm, and a hat all provide sun protection. A helmet will be required during the trip but you are welcome to wear your hat underneath a helmet.

Valuables such as your wallet, purse, or earrings should be locked in your vehicle or left at our Rafting Center. Your car keys should be left inside our Rafting Center and not taken on the river with you. Having a change of clothes either at our Rafting Center or left in your vehicle is a good idea, as well as a towel (which can be left in the van).

In summary, here is a checklist of items that you may want for your rafting trip:

River Shoes
Clothes for the River
Chums (to hold your sunglasses on)
Clothes for the River
Lip Balm
Dry Change of Clothes

Endorsed by Thousands

Trip Highlights

  • 14 miles on the Klamath
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Class III – IV+ rapids
  • Historical sites
  • Raft “Hell’s Corner”

Why Indigo Creek?

At Indigo Creek Outfitters we take pride in the quality of trips that we run. We are lucky to work in a fun and exciting industry, but we are most fortunate to have the best customers on Earth who make the work we do a true pleasure. Here are a few great reasons to choose Indigo Creek Outfitters for your rafting trip.

  • Happy and friendly guides
  • Smart logistics
  • Free parking
  • Incredible testimonials
  • No extra charges
  • “Local’s Choice”

Our Rafting Center

All of our day rafting trips meet at our rafting center, located a couple blocks from downtown Ashland, Oregon.

Indigo Creek Outfitters
130 A Street #2B
Ashland, Oregon 97520